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giving special rates to powerful customers

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Q: The interstate commerce act outlawed the railroads practice of?
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How was Rockefeller able to become to successful in the oil business?

First, he secured the transportation of oil by buying train slots at discounted prices from railroad companies. This was done because he had good relationships with the railroad stakeholders. By securing the transports, he was able to buy out many small oil producers at decent prices. Some of the purchases made, if taken into today's business practice, may be viewed as hostile takeovers. By controlling the transport prices, he had leverage to negotiate buy outs of many small oil producing companies in the areas where railroads were built. This is exactly the propositions that were offered by Rockefeller to the railroads investors to encourage them to build more and more railroads systems. The longer the railroads were built, the more oils they may transport, and overtime, more oil companies to acquire. This business model perhaps is the first legal, and systematic monopoly. Although some may view Rockefeller as cold, ruthless businessmen, however, his contributions in supply-chains management, capitalism efficiency, and strategic business decisions helped sparked a major economic revival in the US, laying the foundations of modern business management used throughout the world today.

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The practice of giving government jobs to friends and political supporters was known as?

The practice of giving government jobs to friends and political supporters was known as the spoils system.

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What has the author Eugene D Anderson written?

Eugene D. Anderson has written: 'Manual of practice and procedure before the Interstate Commerce Commission' -- subject(s): Rules and practice, United States, United States. Interstate Commerce Commission

Agreements between railroad corporations to divide the business in a given area and share the profits were called?

These agreements were called pools. These railroad companies did this to protect their profits. In 1887, this practice was prohibited by Congress when it passed the Interstate Commerce Act.

What has the author Frederick Newton Judson written?

Frederick Newton Judson has written: 'A treatise upon the law and practice of taxation in Missouri' -- subject(s): Taxation, Law and legislation 'The law of interstate commerce and its federal regulation' -- subject(s): Interstate commerce, Law and legislation 'A treatise on the power of taxation' -- subject(s): Finance and taxation 'A treatise on the power of taxation, state and federal, in the United States' -- subject(s): Taxation, Law and legislation

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