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Q: The king of England gave danish invaders a piece of land called?
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What piece of land did the king of England give to the danish invaders?


Why did the King of France grant land to the viking invaders?

Charles the simple was the king of France but held little power.Charles granted the viking leader a huge piece of France territory.

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The Danish word "dug" means "tablecloth" in English. It is a piece of fabric used to cover a table during a meal.

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the body of water separating France from England is the English channel.

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Captain John Smith gave New England its name with the approval of the King in England. He sailed for the Virginia Company that founded Virginia in 1607. During one of his explorations, he discovered the piece of land that is now called New England. He was a solider and adventurer. The territories discovered in American were called New England, because it was NEW territories of England A long time ago, when vikings were around, most people called the vikings Angles. When the Vikings or Angles took over England, they called it ANGLELAND, and that was later changed to ENGLAND.

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