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Q: The most lucrative crop in the new world?
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What was the most lucrative New World product in the 1600s?


What was the most popular crop in Providence New York?

What was the most popular crop in Providence New York?

What is the most profitable crop in New York State?

The most profitable crop is cannabis.

Lucrative in a sentence?

My new business has been very lucrative.

What colonists benefited the most from mercantilism?

The people who benefited the most in the colonies from mercantilism were cash crop growers, such as cotton, tobacco, and sugar farmers throughout the New World since they had a constant and massive market for their products. A secondary group that benefited indirectly from mercantilism were smugglers since their entire business sprung up as a way to circumvent the mercantilist restrictions on trade. Smuggling was very lucrative.

What crop did john Rolfe discover?

He introduced tobacco to the New World.

What are the main crops in New York?

The main cash crop is tobacco, as is with most New England colonies.

What is an example of a cash crop that explorers discovered in the New World?

Cotton, maize, tobacco.

Enslaved africans were brought to south carolina to cultivate a new type of this crop?

Enslaved Africans were taken from the "Rice Coast" of Gambia and Sierra Leone. Rice was little known in the Americas at this time, and was a lucrative business in the Lowland areas.

New England Triangular trade routes and middle passage?

For the New England merchants, the middle passage was by far the most lucrative of the three legs of the triangular trade.

Important livestock New Hampshire?

The most important crop is hay to feed the cattle and horses. Another important crop is maple for maple syrup.

Who was the leader of the London company?

King James I was the leader of the London Company in the New World. This company had various industries in the New World including a tobacco crop.