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OK boys and girls, let's all think carefully about why you cannot use this site to do all of your bloody homework! Hint: does anybody see a picture?? I didn't think so.

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Q: The native American Indians who are shown in this picture lived in which region of north America?
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What are American Indians-?

American Indians or Native Americans were the first people to live in North America.

Who helped the pilgrams in America?


Why Native American do not want to be called Indians?

because Indians are people from India and it is completely different from native american

Is it reasonable explanation native American Indians came to north America?


What native American group was one of the first to trade furs with the french?

the America Indians

Who gave the Native American the name Indians?

Columbus called the Native Americans Indians, because he thought he was in India when he arrived in America. The name stuck, and we still call them Indians today.

Were sandia people Indians?

The Sandia People are Native American Indians who trace their ancestors back to the Aztec of South America.

What continent are Native Americans from?

American Indians -- the Native population of the "New World" Are from the North and South American Continents plus the area know as Central America.

What has the author Heid E Erdrich written?

Heid E. Erdrich has written: 'The Mother's Tongue (Earthworks)' 'Fishing for myth' 'National monuments' -- subject(s): Poetry, Indians of North America 'Cell traffic' 'Original Local' -- subject(s): Native American Cooking, American Indian Cooking, American Indian Cookery, Native American Cookery, Native American Cookbook, American Indian Cookbook, Chippewa Wild Rice, Ojibwa Wild Rice, Ojibwe Wild Rice, Food, American Indian Stories, Native American Stories, Indians of North America, Chippewa Indians, Ojibwa Indians, Ojibwe Indians, Dakota Sioux Indians, Lakota Sioux Indians, Mandan Indians, Winnebago Indians, Menominee Indians, Potawat

Who were the earliest people to live in north American and south America?

Native Americans, or commonly referred to as Indians.

Are American Indians and native Americans the same thing?

No, Native Americans are from tribes like the Cherokees and other tribes. They originated in America. Indians are from the country India, and are a whole other group of people from the Native Americans. The reason why Native Americans are sometimes referred to as Indians is because, when Christopher Columbus was sailing to India, he accidentally ended up in North America where he called all the Native Americans, Indians.

Are Aztec Indians Native American Indians?