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the policy between 1880 - 1960 which attempted to acculturate Australian aboriginal children

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Q: The phrase stolen Generation refers to?
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What were the effects on the Aboriginals in the Stolen Generation?

what were the impacts on the aboriginals in the stolen generation that were short term

What are some stolen generation facts?

my answer is the stolen generations are Aborigines that were stolen from there family

How many kids died in the stolen generation?

About 100,000 Aboriginal children were stolen in the Stolen Generation

What does the phrase successive generation mean?

Successive generation refers to the sequence of offspring produced from one generation to the next within a species. It signifies the continuous passage of genetic material and traits from parent to offspring.

Where did The Stolen Generation take place?

The Stolen Generation refers to a dark chapter in Australian history where Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families by the Australian government and church missions between the late 1800s and 1970s. This primarily took place in Australia, specifically in various states and territories.

Is the term Stolen Generation underlined or quoted?

No. The term Stolen Generation is neither underlined nor placed in quotation marks.

Why was the stolen generation harmful?

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What does the phrase Allen Ginsberg was right refers to?

"Allen Ginsberg was right" refers to the first line of his poem, "Howl", where he laments, "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness".

Where did the children of the stolen generation go?

The children of the Stolen generation were sometimes sent to live with white families. Some were also placed in missions.

Is the stolen generation still happening today?


What is the government doing about the stolen generation?

Not enough

When did the stolen generation end?