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lesser antilles

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Q: The smaller islands of the southern Caribbean are part of the what?
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Is Uruguay is the Caribbean Islands?

No, Uruguay is in the southern part of South America.

Where are the lesser antilles located?

It's located in the caribbean, the lower part with the smaller islands.

What island chain is Grenada part of?

Grenada is part of a chain of islands called? It is part of the Caribbean Islands.

What two Caribbean islands which are part of France?

La Guadeloupe and La Martinique are two large French islands in the Carribbean. There are also smaller French islands nearby.

What region is Aruba from?

Aruba is considered to be in the Caribbean region. It's in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. Because of its longstanding ties with the Netherlands, Aruba is one of the Dutch speaking islands in the Caribbean.

What island group contains Trinidad?

The island of Trinidad is located in the Caribbean Islands. It is part of the archipelago that makes up the Southern Caribbean Islands. It is off the northeastern coast of Venezuela and shares maritime boundaries with Barbados.

Are the US virgin islands part of the Caribbean?

They are located in the Caribbean Sea, so yes, they are a part of the Caribbean.

Is Jamaica are part of North America?

No, Jamaica is not part of the Caribbean islands.

Is Jamaica is in Africa?

No, Jamaica is not a part of Africa. It is a part of the Greater Antilles Islands in the Caribbean Ocean, which is south of Florida.

What is the name of the chain of islands that Grenada is part of?

the Caribbean islands

Is Cuba part of the Caribbean islands?

Yes, it is the largest Island in the Caribbean.

What continent is the carribbean islands in?

The Caribbean Islands are a part of North America.