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Oath breaker

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Q: The workd warlock is a derivation of the saxon-english term war-loek which means what?
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How can you get rid of the green skin when your a warlock on sims 2 PC?

You can't. If your sim has green skin then it means it's an alien. If your alien becomes a warlock then it means that you now have an alien warlock. Congrats.

What does the name 'Amani' mean?

The Arabic derivation means 'desires, aspirations, wishes'. The Swahili derivation means 'harmony, peace'.

Man is to warlock as woman is to what?

The answer to this question would be "Witch", as popular culture holds that a Warlock is a male Witch. Nevertheless, fact remains that Warlock means Oathbreaker and has nothing to do with gender.

What word means mythological and fearful creature?


If a witch has a coven what does a warlock have?

"Their group is also known as a coven. Just for the Record The word Warlock is NOT used by witches, a male witch is still a witch. The word warlock means oath-breaker." As Magicmerlin40 says, warlock means oath breaker, so technically a warlock wouldn't have a coven because they were thrown out for breaking their oath of loyalty to the coven. There is an implication that a warlock is a rebel, or at least has a rebellious nature. I consider myself a warlock, even though I've never taken an oath to break, because I operate outside the rules of any coven.

What is the female of warlock?

Warlock is an ancient word which means Oath breaker. It was/is not gender specific. It has come to be mistakenly used to refer to a male witch, however the word witch is not gender specific either. Therefore there is no female of warlock.

What did warlock mean in old English?

It means Traitor or oath breaker

What is a Female Warlock called?

The word "Warlock" actually means Oath breaker or deceiver, and is not a commonly used term in Paganism. The opposite of Warlock is commonly accepted to be Witch. However, a witch is simply a practitioner of Magick, or a wise one, and the term applies to both genders.

Does your name Natalia mean anything?

It is a derivation of the word Christmas. Natale...means Christmas

What is the derivation for via?

Meaning 'by way of' or 'by means of' from Latin, same word, same meaning

What is the meaning of the name Kamaya?

Kamaya is a variant of Kamea which is of Hawaiian derivation. It means "precious one."

What do you call a male witch?

Wizard, witch. Just don't call him a warlock. (It means oath break or liar.)