What is plow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I have no clue wat plow means but I think it means to pick or gro.

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Q: What is plow?
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Why is the plow important?

if u dont plow somone would slip and fall and bick her back

Was there any bad effects of the steel plow?

The cast-iron plows used in the eastern US were designed for light, sandy soil. The rich Midwestern soil clung to the plow bottoms and every few steps it was necessary to scrape the soil from the plow. The steel plows were able to work the soil, leading to more successful farming settlements in the midwest.

How did the rich poor and middle class start?

It is proposed that this is a natural form of societies development, from earlier stages of development. In "Tribal" societies you had 3 basic classes, the "Young" who were unable to work (produce) the production class (middle age) and the old who produced less, but knew more. In Middle Aged societies you often found "Caste" based systems, as in lower class people who handled all the necessary grudge work (cleaning sewers, dealing with the dead, etc.) the 'production' class (craftsmen: blacksmith's etc), and then the 'ruling' class. Its necessary to understand "money" at this point, as between these two types of society the biggest change was the creation of money; pre-money it was a barter system, then the transition was the creation of 'bills' for trade. To detail this by example - pretend you had Chickens and wanted to trade for a Plow, but the man with the Plow wanted a Cow. It just so happens the man with the Cow wants Chickens, so, you get a "bill" - "Good for one Cow" and give him your Chickens, take the "bill" to the man with the Plow - and everyone is Happy. This system was refined to eventually create money. When you combine the "Caste" type system with a "Money" type system (as society naturally progresses) you end up with the 'classes' you asked about. Although there is a lot of argument about what defines each class, it is in all essence a antiquated classification system of a primitive society (that we are still dealing with).

What conditions made life difficult for homesteaders What helped homesteaders survive please Give examples.?

What were conditions that made life difficult for homesteaders? Homesteaders living on the great plains were what you call "Extremely Dramatic". There were lots of conditions on the great plains that affected settlers lives. Here are these problems; building houses, staying healthy, extreme weather, lack of fuel, Indian Attacks, lack of isolation, keeping clean, lack of water, and pests and vermin. The problem with the bugs were grasshoppers. Grasshoppers ruined their crops. Building houses from wood was expensive. The settlers couldn't afford building houses from wood, so they built it from sod. The walls and floors were infested with bugs and lice, because these homes were built from dirt and grass. It would leak in the homes when it rained. They also had problems staying healthy because of the insects. The insects that flew around would inject disease into their bodies. What helped homesteaders survive? There are three things that helped them survive, and 3/3 of these examples issued technology. 1.) Barbed wire, 2.) steel plow, and 3.) windmills. The barbed wire was for housing reasons, the steel plow was for cutting through tough prairie sod, and the windmills for pumping water out of the ground. :)

How did Charlemagne bring Europe out of the Dark Ages?

he made it compulsory for kids to go to school

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