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I Believe that the term "above the bar" means within the city boundary of London back in the 13 century. Conversely, below the bar is outside the city.

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Q: There is a church called st andrews above the bar What does Above the Bar relate to?
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What is a pull pit used for in a church?

Its called a pulpit and its used to elevate a preacher above his congregation so he/she can be seen by everyone.

What is the God worshiped in church called?

Do you mean: What is the Christianity's church's worshipping God they worship is called?--If so, there are many names for him:JesusLordGodI AmImmanuelMessiahName Above All NamesSaviorPrince of PeaceChristThe Good ShepherdAdd more names with the minor editing feature!

Is there any name given for the burial place inside a church?

It probably would be called a mausoleum (above ground grave) or a crypt.

Should a pastor control the church in every thing?

No. The pastor is called to shepherd and therefore must have a certain amount of authority but God is the head of the church. The pastor should be the highest human authority within the church but not so high that he is above accountability from the other elders in the church.

Who is above the peasants?

Nobles and the church

What is that thing that hangs above the altar in a Catholic church that holds a candle that is taken down every Good Friday called?

sanctuary lamp

Which is used to represent how part relate to the whole?

It is the numerator of a fraction which is above the denominator.

Can a church steeple be grounded?

A:Most of the church steeples I have seen do have a lightning conductor. Look for a small rod or three-pronged fork rising just above the peak of the steeple. As a child, I was told this is called 'Nick's needle'.

Can you get arrested if you are on your way to church?

Yes. The fact that you are on your way to church does not place you above or beyond the law.

How does Epicenter and focus relate to plates moving?

The epicenter is located (above the focus) at the earth's surface.

What is a communion bread holder called?

In our church, (Roman Catholic) the bread holder is called a Eucharistic Minister. The person holding the cup of wine has this name also. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the Roman Catholic Church, the answer above (a Eucharistic ---- also called an Extraordinary ---- Minister) is the title of the person who DISTRIBUTES the body and/or blood of Christ. When Holy Communion is distributed in a place other than the church (hospital, home, nursing home, etc.), the case in which the Host is carried is called a pyx.

Who is the organizations of persons or church officials arranged one above the other according to rank?

Hierarchy is the organizations of persons/church officials arranged one above the other according to rank