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Genghis Khan also known as Temujin unified the Mongol tribes and headed one of the largest empires of all time. He is also known for sharing the spoils of war with his Mongol warriors, unusual for the time.

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It was Genghis Khan. After he came to power over time, he changed his name to Genghis Khan to show his authority and power.

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Q: This leader of the Mongol Empire was originally named Temujin but rose to power and changed his name He organized the Mongols into a powerful fighting force?
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What was the second most powerful imperial empire in the world?


Rise of the mongols?

For centuries the Mongol people had roamed the eastern steppe in loosely organized clans

Which describes the Mongols' rise to power?

They used a powerful navy to defeat their enemies

Who drove the mongols out of Syria?

It was the Mamluks. A Mamluk was a soldier who converted to Islam, over time they became a powerful military. It was one of the only battles the Mongols lost. Wikipedia: Mamluks

What were the two skills The Mongols were known for?

They were known for the two skills which were fighting and writing

Why were the ancient middle eastern countries constantly fighting?

Same reason as Mongols, Chinese, and Romans were fighting: to make their territory bigger.

Was the Han dynasty the biggest dynasty of the time?

No it was not. I believe the Mongols were because of all the territory they captured. The Mongols were so good because of how fast they could travel on horse-back and how they could ride and be throwing spears and fighting at the same time

Are there still mongols?

Yes there are Mongols , people living in Mongolia are mongols.

What caused the collapse of Mongol rule in China?

The Mongols didn't fall so much as blend in with the societies they had conquered. Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, was as much "Chinese" as he was Mongolian. Throughout their empire, the Mongols let their subjects continue to live, worship and work as they always had. Mongols were assimilated in to their subject cultures.

Where did mongols execute bugs?

Where did the Mongols execute bugs?

How do you use the word Mongols in a sentence?

The Mongols were a nomadic people who created a vast empire in the 13th century.

What land was not conquered by the mongols in china?

which land was not conquered by the mongols in china