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Q: To which of the following is Wordsworth referring?
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What does B Wordsworth mean when he says that White Wordsworth was his brother?

When B Wordsworth says that White Wordsworth was his brother, he is referring to a deep connection and kinship that goes beyond blood relations. It signifies a shared understanding, bond, and common purpose between them that transcends familial ties.

What is the rhyme scheme of the following lines from my heads leaps up by William Wordsworth?

The rhyme scheme of "My heart leaps up when I behold" by William Wordsworth is ABBAABBACDCDCD.

When did John Wordsworth die?

William Wordsworth died on April 23, 1850 at the age of 80.

What does William Wordsworth mean by Out-did in the following bolded lines?

In the context of William Wordsworth's poem, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud," the term "Out-did" means to surpass or exceed. The poet is describing how the sight of the daffodils outshined the sparkling waves in beauty and brightness.

What is the birth name of Richard Wordsworth?

Richard Wordsworth's birth name is Richard Curwen Wordsworth.

How many children did William Wordsworth have?

William Wordsworth had five children.

What is William wordsworth's fathers name?

William Wordsworth's father's name was John Wordsworth.

Who is the author of wordsWorth poem in HorseIsle 2?


Who goes with Wordsworth when he revisits Tintern Abbey?

When Wordsworth revisits Tintern Abbey, he is accompanied by his sister Dorothy Wordsworth.

What was the name of William Wordsworth's mother?

William Wordsworth's mother's name was Ann Cookson Wordsworth.

When was Jonathan Wordsworth born?

Jonathan Wordsworth was born in 1932.

When was Wordsworth Museum created?

Wordsworth Museum was created in 1943.