Two ports visited by the titanic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Southampton, Cherbourg ,Queenstown (Cobh) and the floor or the Atlantic.

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Q: Two ports visited by the titanic?
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What two ports Europe did the Titanic visit?

After leaving Southampton, UK, Titanic visited Cherbourg, France, and Queenstown, Ireland.

What Irish ports did titanic visit?

Not counting Belfast where she was made, Titanic visited Queenstown in Ireland.

What two ports in Europe did the titanic visit?

The Titanic left from Southampton, England for Cherbourg, France and then to Queenstown, Ireland.

Where did Titanic visit?

the titanic visited Cherbourg and Queenstown

What places did the titanic visit before sinking?

The Titanic went to pick up some passengers in New York.

What was the most visited room on the Titanic?

the bedrooms and the kitchen were the most visted rooms on the titanic

How many boarded RMS Titanic at each of the ports she visited before heading across the Atlantic on her maiden voyage?

Well I don't know how maney at ech port but on here maiden voyage 2201 people were on titanic and only 701 survived in clouding 6 that were piled from the waters. Hope it helps

What was the place the titantic last visited?

The last port visited by the Titanic was Queenstown (now called Cobh), Ireland.

How many times has the Titanic been visited?

2222 times so far

How many ports had the Titanic been at before it sank?

Titanic had been in ports in England, France and Ireland before sailing the ocean.

When did the titanic leave on her maiden voyage and what ports did she visit?

1912 April southhampton and queensberg

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