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whaT American history?

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Q: Unanswered American history questions
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It happened before history was recorded

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how about you do these unanswered questions?!? instead asking for help cuz everything i want is UNANSWERED! if i was smart i would really help but im not that's why im trying to study U.S. history but the one's that are answered are pretty good. nice website just need to answer or fix the unanswered questions. thanks though. The above answer would be an example of under confidence.

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you research the topic, find useful info, and come to a educated conclusion.As my teacher always says, history is like solving a mystery

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American history.

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The 100 citizenship questions are not multiple choice. They ask you a question and you must give an answer. However, most of the questions are easy and if you know a little about American history then it shouldn't be hard.