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Those who know history can help prevent repeating it.

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Q: Why study American history what use will it be to me?
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Do they study American or Guamanian history in Guam?

They study World History, American History, and Guam History.

What profession should you go into to study apache native Americans?

you will have to study American History and political Science, then you could become a History teacher

What do people use to study the past?

Students in school usually study history from appropriate textbooks. Others may use sites such as this one, encyclopedias, and even old newspapers to piece together histories.

What is the one area of study that requires the use of primary sources?

history. Study Island answer

Which African American Progressive pioneered the study of black history?

Carter G. Woodson

Why is Olduvai Gorge so important in the study of human origins?

it is the african american history

5 Sources and tools use to study in history?


Why law students need to study history?

most of the skills you use for history you need them for law

What is the history of the American History Museum?

The museum first opened in 1964 as the Museum of History and Technology. In 1980, the museum was renamed The National Museum of American History to better represent a refocused mission: the collection, care, study, and interpretation of objects that reflect the experience of the American people.

What has the author Robert Geise written?

Robert Geise has written: 'American history to 1877' -- subject(s): History, Study and teaching

Are Canadian schools similar to American schools?

Yes, Canadian schools are similar to American schools. They mostly differ in the study of history and geography because they focus on Canada's history as opposed to the United States history.

What is One area of study that requires the use of many primary sources when presenting a topic?