Was the domesday book important

Updated: 8/23/2023
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The Domesday Book is a record of an enormous survey carried out in England for King William I (the Conqueror), and it was completed in the year 1086.

It was similar to a census as carried out nowadays and its main purpose was to have a record of all land, property and people in the country so that taxes could be raised.

It is extremely useful to modern day historians because it lists towns and villages which existed at the time and so gives an idea of how old some of them are.

The Domesday Book is one of Medieval England's greatest treasures. The Domesday Book is closely linked with William the Conqueror's attempt to dominate Medieval England. Along with a string of castles throughout England, the Domesday Book was to give William huge authority in England.

To further extend his grip on England, William I ordered that a book be made containing information on who owned what throughout the country. This book would also tell him who owed him what in tax and because the information was on record, nobody could dispute or argue against a tax demand. This is why the book brought doom and gloom to the people of England - hence "Domesday Book". The decision of what someone owed was final - rather like Judgement Day when your soul was judged for Heaven or Hell.

William ordered the survey of England to take place about twenty years after The Battle of Hastings. The Saxon Chronicle states that it took place in 1085, while other sources state that it was done in 1086. The whole survey took less than a year to complete and the books can be found in the Public Records Office.

The Domesday Book forms a remarkable record of the state of England in the mid-1080's.

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yes because it told william the conqueror who owed him taxes.

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no, the domesday book was not successful because was outdated very quickly because people dies and gave birth every day so it was not an accurate record of the people of england and was already wrong the moment the quill touched the paper to document the information. also, people made deals with eachother all the time so land was being promised to different people everywhere, therefore, the information about who owns what lad is also incorrect.

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Q: Was the domesday book important
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