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Cardinal Mazarin

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Q: Was the minister to Louis xiv whose policies drove nobles to rebel against the boy king?
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What advice did jaques necker give the king?

Jacques Necker was Louis XVI's finance minister and urged him to collect taxes from the 1st and 2nd estate (clergy and nobles).

Who was the principal minister and advisor to Louis in his youth?

The principal minister and advisor to Louis in his youth was Cardinal Jules Mazarin. Mazarin served as the chief minister of France during Louis XIV's minority and continued to have significant influence even after Louis took full control of the government. He played a crucial role in shaping Louis' education and preparing him for his reign as the Sun King.

How did Louis XIV keep his enemies from plotting against him?

He turned all the powerful nobles into countries. He kept his enemies by "rovelced Edict Of Nantes".

Was King Louis XVI against the revolution?

Yes he was. The revolutionaries wanted a republic, but of course that was not possible as long as they had monarchs, and therefore were a monarchy. To truly be a republic, the revolutionaries needed to get rid of their monarchs. Since King Louis XVI was a monarch, he was therefore against this revolution.

What did Louis xiv dislike?

Nobles and French Revolution

Who is the honorable minister Louis farrakhan?

the honorable minister Louis farrakhan is a nation of Islam leader

What masonic lodge does minister Louis farrakhan belong to?

Minister Louis Farrakhan, to the best of my knowledge, is not a Freemason.

Why did Louis XIV govern without a chief minister?

Louis XIV governed without a chief minister because he believed in absolutism and wanted to consolidate power in his own hands. He saw himself as the true ruler and did not want to delegate authority to a single individual who could potentially challenge his control. Instead, he relied on a network of advisors and administrators to carry out his policies and manage the government.

Was Louis Saint Laurent prime minister?

Yes, Louis Stephen Saint Lauren was the was the 12th Prime Minister of Canada.

Louis XIV's minister of fiance?

Jean-Baptiste Colbert was Louis XIV's Minister of Finance during the years of 1665 to 1683.

Who is the French king that believed his power came from god not nobles?

Louis XIV

Did the intendants of Louis XIV live at Versailles?

yes, because they were teqnically nobles.