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Yes and no. The representatives of the Third Estate were middle class, but the Thirtd Estate itself was everyb ody who wasn't noble or a priest.

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Q: Was the third estate the middle class?
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Which Estate did the bourgeoisie belong to?

The Third Estate was the estate in which the bourgeoisie belonged to.

The French middle class and peasantry belonged to the Estate?

The French middle class belonged to the Third Estate (commoners) while the peasantry also belonged to the Third Estate. The First Estate was made up of the clergy and the Second Estate was made up of the nobility.

What percentage of the UK are middle class?

third and second estate

The French middle class and peasantry belonged to the?

The French middle class and peasantry belonged to the Third Estate during the French Revolution. The Third Estate was made up of commoners and included the majority of the French population who were not part of the nobility or clergy. Members of the Third Estate faced social and economic challenges that fueled their discontent with the monarchy.

What was the difference between the bourgeoisie and the other members of the third estate?

Third Estate was the generality of people which were not part of the other estates, or commoners. Bourgeoisie were middle class.

Who are the members of the middle class?

The middle class, or Third Estate, comprised all those who were not members of the aristocracy or the clergy, including peasants, working people and the bourgeoisie.

Who were the third estate people during the french revolution?

Middle class, peasants, city workers, and bourgeoise.

What was the third estate and who is include?

The 3rd estate was the lower class of all 3 estates. The 1st estate was the wealthy clergy and the 2nd estate was the nobility. The 3rd estate included merchants, peasants, city workers, and the middle class. Hope this is what you were looking for!(:

Which estate wanted to set up a constitutional government?

France: The Third Estate (the Commoners) representing the professional, commercial and middle-class groups of the country.

Which group was part of the nation assembly?

The Bourgeois The revolutionaries

What estate was exempt from paying taxes during the French revolution?

The Third Estate (peasants and middle class professionals) paid the most taxes, yet they were the poorest

Which was the Third Estate?

The French working class. It includes the peasants, the bourgeois, and the merchants. Essentially, the Third Estate was everyone who was not a part of the noble class (Second Estate) or the clergy (First Estate).