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yes. that is the right answer. you have Switched on School house too, huh?

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I have monarch

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Q: Was the value of a person in the West based upon his or her common sense and willingness to work?
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Is it true or false that any person can practice safety because it is very much based on common sense?

any person can practice safety because it is very much based on common sense, is it true or false?

What are the common views of listening?

That it builds character, a sense of trust, honesty and a willingness to learn something new.

What are laws based on common sense and judges previous decisions?

Common law and case law is derived from previous decisions. There is no law based simply on common sense.

Are common sense and the logic the same?

Common sense and logic are related but not the same. Common sense refers to practical intelligence and intuition based on everyday experiences, while logic is a more formal system of reasoning based on principles of validity and sound argumentation. Common sense is often based on instinct and tradition, while logic relies on rules and principles.

What are the good qualities of good individuals?

This is a very opinionated question and will very from person to person based on their own preferences. But in general, a need to be skeptical, a good scientific background, and a willingness to find the truth(strong sense of curiosity and determination) are all essential qualities to be a good researcher.

What is a common sense objection?

A common sense objection is a criticism or argument that is based on basic reasoning or practical experience rather than specialized knowledge or expertise. It is typically grounded in the idea that something does not make sense or seem reasonable based on what is widely accepted as common knowledge or intuition.

What is patriotism based on?

Patriotism is typically based on love and devotion to one's country, a sense of pride in its achievements, and a willingness to support and defend it. It often involves a deep connection to the culture, history, and values of one's nation.

If a person has horse sense does that mean that the person has a good sense about horses or that they have the good sense that a horse has?

It means that the person knows A LOT about horses. For example, if you can name all the parts of a horse, then you have horse sense. Generally, it means that the person has good common sense.

Who has more common sense Man or woman?

Common sense is not gender-specific; both men and women are capable of demonstrating common sense to varying degrees based on their individual experiences, knowledge, and critical thinking skills. It is unfair to generalize and attribute such traits solely based on gender.

What is a strong sense of loyalty to your country?

A strong sense of loyalty to your country is a deep commitment to supporting and defending your nation, its values, and interests. It often involves pride in your country's achievements and a willingness to make sacrifices for the common good.

Common seance is not always reliable prove it?

Common sense will serve you well. Without it you are doomed to make mistakes that even an uneducated person with common sense will avoid.

How did common sense lead to the Declaration of Independence?

the common sense lead to the declaration of independence because thomas paine wrote the common sense and it was based on how americas need to take a stand because they need to have their own rights and they wasn't be treated right and bascailly just wanted the people to have common sense.