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No they were not... men were more controlling over their women then they are now.

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Q: Were men and women treated the same in the 17th century?
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When did the 17th century end?


What other empire compares to the mongol empire?

The Greek can compare. Persia is a good one, none the less, the best example anyone can get is the Roman Empire. Same is true with England in later years 17th century to 19th century.

In Elizabethan England did men and women have equal rights?

No ! Equal rights for women are not going to be a feature until at least the 20th century. Women in Britain (aged 30+) cannot even vote till 1918, with all women allowed to vote at the same ages as men in 1928.

Who was Ellen crafts father?

Ellen Craft's Father was named James Smith. He was one of Georgia's wealthiest plantation owners. He had 2 families : One was white, the other was Ellen's mom who was a slave, but he never married the women. So the family was still treated the same as any other slave.

What were the working conditions for women like in World War 1?

=Working Conditions for Women in World War one were very dangerous. Since they had to makeammunition for the soldiers they it was very dangerous, because if one of the guns burst that can set off all the rest. It was a very dangerous job for the women to do that's why right when the men came home from war they went right back to their homes to do their regular jobs. The women got paid for working at those jobs but only half the price as men! They even put more hours into their jobs. The women noticed that they were not getting treated with the same respect as men so the women went on strike. When the women got the right to vote they decide to stop going on strike and go back to work sooner or later they got their jobs back that the men needed help for. Now these days women are in freedom from being in prison!!!=

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Could same-sex couples marry in the 17th century?

No. The idea would have been unthinkable in the 17th century.

How are women treated in South Korea?

Almost same as they treated men........

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How are women treated in Bolivia and Honduras?

They are treated the same so shut up

How should men and women be treated according to supreme court?

Men and women are to be treated exactly the same in all cases.

According to the Supreme Court how should men and women be treated?

Men and women are to be treated exactly the same in all cases.

Were women in mesapotamia treated the same as men?

no they werent

When did the 17th century end?


How are pregnant Jewish women treated?

The same as other pregnant women in most countries.

Who banned Valentine observances in Great Britain during part of the 17th century?

The puritans, led by Oliver Cromwell banned Valentine's day customs. They did the same for Christmas!

When was the tomahawk created?

Before the 17th Century there were tomahawks. Although the tomahawks they used aren't the same we have around today.

What is witchcraft in the 17th century?

The same as it ever was. A myth. A belief by the ignorant. Unfortunately it is still a belief by some people today