Western education in India

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Western education in India basically started when the British came. Indians did not agree with this. But soon because of Sir Syed Ahmad khan, they did.

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Q: Western education in India
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English education in India introduced by?

Lord William Bentinck introduced western or English education in India in 1835.

What is the advantages of western education in India in the past?

They whip you if you get a question wrong

Who was the Governor-General who decided in favor of Western education in India?

lord bentinck

Who is pioneer of western education in India?

Western education started in India at colonial times as the europeans needed to literate the Indians so that they can make out thir work. If they r not literate then how will they work in Industries & Factories.

Why is Far Western Development Region of Nepal developed in education?

because being in the border of india and people of that region originally came from india

Why Wood's despatch 1854 is known as magna charta of modern Indian education?

wood dispatch is basically a act in 1854.. it spreaded western education in india...

How did thhe east India company influence indias history?

The EIC brought to India-* Western Education* Western Legal Procedures* End of slavery* End of Caste system* Improved position of women in the family* Ban of Sati* Christianity

Where is Manipal University located?

Manipal University is located in India, specifically in the state of Karnataka. It is on the western coast of South India, and is specifically referred to as the Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

What is the western educational curriculum?

Objectives of western education

Education Matters magazine in India?

Education Matters magazine in India

What is the role of education to make India a super power?

Education is power. India can be made superpower with education.

What country needs Education the most?

India needs education the most