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The Golden Lotus

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Q: What Chinese novel is considered by many to be the first realistic social novel?
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The chinese novel is considered by many to be the first realistic social novel?

The Golden Lotus

What was considered the first realistic social novel?

"Middlemarch" by George Eliot is widely considered to be the first realistic social novel. It was published in 1871 and explores the lives and relationships of characters in a fictional English town, providing a detailed and accurate depiction of social issues and norms of the time.

Who is considered the Father of Chinese Independence?

Sun Yat-sen is considered to be the Father of Chinese Independence. He was the first president of the Republic of China.

Was Chinese the first written language?

Chinese was not the first written language; Sumerian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs are considered some of the earliest forms of writing dating back to around 3000 BCE. Chinese writing emerged around 1200 BCE during the Shang Dynasty in China.

Why was Manuel Quezon considered as The Father of Social Justice?

Manuel Quezon is considered to be the father of social justice because he was one of the first people to want social justice in his country. As president of the Philippines he fought to make laws to help the people.

Is newtons first law realistic?


How did the Han Dynasty unify China?

The Zhou Dynasty, the first Chinese dynasty to unite the Chinese under a single government, relaxed the political and military authority over individual states. Social and economic achievements helped to unite the Chinese people.

Who was the first female sociologist?

Harriet Martineau is often considered the first female sociologist. She was a prominent 19th-century British social theorist known for her writings on social issues and her contributions to the field of sociology.

What was the cloth that was first made by Chinese?

The Chinese were the first to make silk

First Italian to paint realistic fingers?

If you mean realistic FIGURES, the one usually credited with this is Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337). I doubt there is any information about realistic FINGERS.

Which would you rather learn Chinese or Japanese?

For my part, Chinese will be my choice. The reason of my choice is: First, I' m a Chinese teacher. Most importantly, with the rapid development of China, China is becoming stronger and stronger and there are more and more people learning Chinese. Chinese will become an important tool for the exchange of ideas that have adapted to the needs of human social life, so Chinese will be the best choice for us.

Who was the first social scientist and who was the founder or father of social science?

The first social scientist is often considered to be Auguste Comte, a French philosopher who coined the term "sociology." However, other early social scientists like Harriet Martineau and Karl Marx also made significant contributions to the field.