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The history of the Chinese Crested dog dates back to over a thousand years ago when the Chinese first discovered the dog. The dog was used for hunting.

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Q: What is the history of the Chinese Crested Dog?
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Is the Chinese Crested Dog a small breed of dog?

Yes, the Chinese Crested dog is a very small breed of dog.

What is the price of a Chinese crested dog?

$60 - $200 for a purebred with no papers. $200+ for a purebred with papers. $60-$100 for a mixed of a Chinese crested.

What kind of dog with no hair?

Chinese Crested

What dog hasn't got fur?

Hairless Chinese Crested Dog

What was the Chinese Crested first bred for?

as a companion dog

What is thar national dog of Mongolia?

Chinese crested

Why would a Chinese Crested dog be shaking?

He is cold, possibly?!?!?

What is the wierdest looking dog in the world?

Probably a Chinese crested.

What breed is the dog in how to lose a guy in ten days?

The main character says its a Chinese crusted.

Is the Chinese Crested Dog a good apartment dog?

Yes, the Chinese Crested Dog is a good apartment dog. They can also live in a house without a yard. However, these dogs are fairly active indoors and they should be taken out for a walk each day.

Is a shar pei the ugliest dog in the world?

No, that would be the Chinese crested

What type of breed is the Chinese crested dog?

The Chinese Crested is known as a hairless breed of dog. Hairless breeds of canines are often owned by people who have allergies to dog dander or those who don't want to have large dogs as pets.