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Chinese lanterns actually have a long history. Since 250 B.C., Chinese nobles and peasants have decorated their homes with lanterns to announce special occasions or wish good luck.

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Q: What is the history of Chinese Lanterns?
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Who invented Chinese lanterns?

Zhuge Liang invented the Chinese Lanterns.

Why are Chinese lanterns called Chinese lanterns?

It is believed that the Chinese first invented lanterns.So it is called Chinese lantern.

How do Chinese lanterns reproduce?

Chinese lanterns do not reproduce, they are neither animals nor plants. Chinese lanterns are decorative lanterns made of thin, brightly colored paper. Umm, actually, Chinese lanterns are a type of plant. Thanks for not googling what a Chinese Lantern is, previous contributer. I am assuming that because it is a plant, that it reproduces as a hermaphrodite, having both female and male parts.

When were lanterns built?

1800's. The ancient Chinese used lanterns, it started with captured fireflies

What are threats to an owls safety?

Chinese lanterns

What is the lantern dance?

a dance that the chinese did with lanterns

What is a Chinese lantern used for?

Chinese lanterns have been traditionally used by the Chinese military to send signals and warnings and by civilians to ward off evil spirits. Currently, they remain a symbol of Chinese culture. The various colors of the lanterns have specific meanings. For example, red lanterns are used to indicate birth or marriage in a household, and blue lanterns are used to warn neighbors that there is sickness in the house.

What kind of events are at Chinese New Year?

festival and dragons also chinese lanterns

Name for bell-shaped flowers?

Abutilion or Chinese Lanterns.

Why are chinese lanterns red?

red is china's lucky number

Why is lantern festival important to Chinese?

the Chinese have a special thing for lanterns... the pretty much worship

Where can one find Chinese paper lanterns for sale in Toronto?

One can find Chinese paper lanterns for sale in Toronto from various stores online and in physical stores. Some of those stores are Pier 1 Imports, JYSK, Amazon and Toronto Paper Lanterns.