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they were bored.

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Q: What Could convicts expect from their journey and on their arrival?
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What was the purpose of the journey?

A journey is usually made to physically get to another destination. It could also mean the journey we take from birth to death - life's journey.

What food did the convicts eat in Botany Bay?

Male convicts were allowed a ration of meat per day (1lb of salt pork, beef or mutton) and 1 to 2lb per day of flour or cornmeal to make damper. If there were lucky the meat they received would be fresh but it was usually far from it. The convicts were also supplied with some tea and sugar and usually managed to buy tobacco and rum. Female convicts were given two-thirds of what the male convicts received. The convicts didn't receive and fresh fruit or vegetables, but those convicts who were lucky enough to receive a good posting were allowed to grow their fruit and vegetables on a small plot of land.

What was bad about exploration?

Exploration is a journey of discovery, education and learning. In itself it cannot be bad. However the use to which the discoveries may be put could be. That depends on people.

Australia was founded as a British colony for what?

prisonerspeople convicted of crimesWhilst Australia was founded by convicts, strictly speaking it was not founded for convicts. There were many reasons why the British wished to colonise Australia, and using it as a place to send convicts was an excuse more than a reason.The British colonised Australia to expand the British empire, and prevent the French from gaining a foothold in the Australian continent or in that part of the Pacific. It was expected that Australia could provide commercial and political gains to Britain, and Britain needed a port in the East to promote trade with China and to extend its naval and commercial power.Also, due to war, Britain needed to find an alternative supply of Flax and timber as her Baltic supply was under threat. James Cook had reported that nearby Norfolk Island might be a suitable source, so it was strategic to colonise the nearby continent of Terra Australis.

What was convict life like?

Convicts were treated horribly! -If the convicts misbehaved or didn't do as asked, they would get 'boxed' or whipped with cat-o'-nine-tail. The cat-o'-nine-tail would leave horrible red marks on the person's back

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What were some punishments the convicts got if they misbehaved?

Convicts who misbehaved could be subjected to floggings, solitary confinement, hard labor, or restraints. They could also have their rations reduced or face longer periods of imprisonment. In extreme cases, convicts could be transported to more remote penal colonies or have their sentence extended.

Did the convicts get handcuffed?

No. Convicts in Australia were not handcuffed as that would mean they could not work. Sometimes they were shackled at their ankles, especially on the road gangs, or at night.

Did convicts serve in world war 2?

There were some convicts that did indeed fight in World Wat II. The prisoners could fight with the Army in exchange for parole.

What did the convicts eat in New South Wales when they were shipped?

In New South Wales, convicts were given weekly rations of beef, flour, grain, sugar and tea. In some cases, fresh vegetables were available and the convicts could add them to their stew. Female convicts were given less rations than males based on their work being less strenuous.

Why were most convicts poor farmers?

Most convicts were just poor. Not nessesarily farmers. They were forced to steal from people were well off. They would steal mostly food or possesions that they could sell on.

What did convicts live in on Australia?

tents and small houses made out of the wood they could find from tree's

Did they have cutlery on the first fleet?

There was limited cutlery on the First Fleet. Naturally, neither knives nor forks could be used because they could have been used as weapons against either other convicts or the marines. The only cutlery the convicts were permitted were spoons.

What is a homonym that could mean a journey or a fall?

The homonym that could mean a journey or a fall is the word "trip".

Where could Britain no longer send convicts after losing the American Revolution?

GEORGIA (US STATE) was the prior destination where British convicts would be sent. After the American Revolution this was no longer viable because Georgia was part of the newly sovereign United States. This resulted in Britain sending their convicts to Australia.

What was the purpose of the journey?

A journey is usually made to physically get to another destination. It could also mean the journey we take from birth to death - life's journey.

How many convicts were on the first fleet ships?

The Alexander - 195 male convictsThe Charlotte - 88 male and 20 female convictsThe Friendship - 76 male and 21 female convictsThe Golden Grove - no convictsLady Penrhyn - 101 female convictsScarborough - no convictsPrince of Wales - one male convict and 49 female convictsThe remaining ships did not carry any convicts.H.M.S. Sirius - skippered by Captain John Hunter, carried Captain Arthur PhillipH.M.S. Supply - carried 50 people, skippered by Captain Henry BullBorrowdale - skippered by Master Readthorn HobsonFishburn - skippered by Master Robert Brown

What were convicts like?

Convicts were rough people seeing as they commited crimes but when many were sailed to Australia they lived in the hull of the ship ( the very bottom) down there female convicts were raped by male guards, rats, and they did their business in buckets but as you could imagine the ship was very rocky so the buckets of business tipped over