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i think, they will study what we did in life

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Technology and electronics will be one of the major pieces of evidence that future historians will study of our generation and culture.

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Q: What Kinds of evidence will historians of the future study to learn about your culture?
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What kinds of scholars study the past and how do they get their evidence?

Historians study the past by analyzing written records, documents, and artifacts to understand past events. Archaeologists study the past by excavating and analyzing physical remains like pottery, tools, and structures to reconstruct past societies. Anthropologists study human culture and society, often focusing on traditional lifeways, beliefs, and customs passed down through generations.

What kinds of tools do historians need to do their job?

Historians need access to primary sources such as documents, artifacts, and oral histories to conduct research. They also require critical thinking skills to analyze and interpret historical evidence accurately. Additionally, knowledge of historiography, research methods, and relevant theories are essential tools for historians.

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What methods are most often used by archeologists?

Archaeologists used especially diggers (quite gentle) to dig out evidence from the ground. They use several kinds of equipments like brush to remove the dusts out of the artefacts and later studied by historians in the laboratory.

What are two kinds of evidence?

Primary and secondary sources.

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Primary and secondary sources.

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What kinds of objects can be considered historical evidence?

Letters, pictures, diaries.

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