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Q: What Name was given to the cart for guillotine?
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What group name is given to a group of car bus donkey and cart?

Car bus donkey cart group name

How was Marie Antoinette's transportation to the guillotine different from her husband's?

The King was taken to the guillotine in a carriage, but Marie Antoinette was driven through Paris in an open cart.

What was the name of the artist that sketched Marie Antoinette as she was transported by a cart to the guillotine?

There exists only a rough sketch by Jacques-Louis Davis

Where did the word guillotine come from?

it came from a man who invented it whose name had a reference to guillotine. it came from a man who invented it whose name had a reference to guillotine.

What nationality is the last name Carter?

The last name Carter is an English occupation surname. It was originally given to people whose job was to haul goods in a cart.

What is another name for a Crash cart?

It is also called a resuscitation cart or code cart

What is a tumbrel in A Tale of Two Cities?

In "A Tale of Two Cities," a tumbrel is a two-wheeled cart used to transport prisoners to the guillotine during the French Revolution. The tumbrels were a symbol of the brutal and violent nature of the revolution, with the prisoners facing execution by the guillotine once they reached their destination.

What are some nicknames given to the guillotine?

Well, there are many names for the guillotine that decapitates many people. These are some of the many nicknamDuring The Revolution: L'abbaye de monte-à-regret : (The Abbey of the Reluctant Climb),Le Rasoir national : (The national Razor),Le Vasistas : (The fanlight),La Veuve :(The Widow),Louisette or Louison : (from the name of the inventor Antoine Louis),Madame La Guillotine : (Mrs. Guillotine)Mirabelle: (from the name of Mirabeau),In The 19th Century:La Lucarne: (another name for fanlight).In The 20th Century:La Bécane: (a slang word for the machine or the motorcycle,Le Massicot: (technical word for the guillotine in printing works)

Are you killed by a guillotine or in a guillotine?

You would likely be killed BY a guillotine if placed IN a guillotine.

Why Mrcovey given Douglass a undbroken oxen to pull the cart?

It is not clear from the given information why Mrcovey gave Douglass an unbroken oxen to pull the cart. Additional context or details are needed to provide a more accurate answer.

How did guillotine get its name?

It was named after its inventor Joseph-Ignace Guillotin

What device was used to cut off peoples heads?

The Guillotine