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Only one I can think of is Edward Heath, PM from 1970 to 1974.

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Q: What Prime Minister of Britain had a name like a candy bar?
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What did the prime minister of britain in 1942 like to smoke?

Sir Winston Churchill.

Why do people hate he prime minister of Britain?

i dont know about the people, why they dont like him.....but i like him anyways....

Who is the prime minister of NZ and what party is he in?

Mr. John Key of the National Party is the prime minister at the moment. (The National Party is the more right wing party - like the Republican in America or Conservative in Britain.)

What is the prime minister like in India?

like the President in US or the Prime Minister in UK or Canada President in India however is not as powerful as the Prime Minister

In the book Harry Potter what does minister mean?

In some countries, like the United Kingdom, the main political authority is called "prime minister" (the equivalent in many other countries would be the "president"). In Harry Potter, minister can refer to: (1) The prime minister of the muggles, i.e., of Great Britain (not associated to any specific real prime minister). (2) But usually, it refers to a "minister of magic", a ficticious authority of the magical world (head of the Ministry of Magic). In Harry Potter, the magical community in Great Britain has a minister (and a Ministry) of magic, so do the magical communities in other countries.

Is the President the Chief of State just like the British Prime Minister?

The President of the USA (or, indeed, any other nation) is the country's Head of State, whereas the British Prime Minister is not. He is the leading Minister of government, but Britain is a monarchy, so the Head of State is the reigning monarch, who at present is Queen Elizabeth II.

What kind of government did japan have?

Japan has the type of government like Canada and Britain which is the parliamentary system. Unlike French and America, they donÕt elect their president directly. The prime minister leads the cabinet of minister of the country.

Would you like to be prime minister?

Not particularly.

Is the prime minister appointed for life?

No I think they elect prime ministers like how they do other elections for politics.

Can a prime minister vote in Parliament?

A prime minister is a member of parliament, like all the other members, so yes they can vote.

How does the role of prime minister differ from that of the premier?

In Britain, for example, the Prime Minister is the leader of the political party which returns the most Members of Parliament to the House of Commons at a General Election. The King, or in the case since 1952, Queen, is the Herititary Monarch with limited political powers. Robert Walpole was the 1st British Prime Minister at the time of King George 1st in the 18th century.

Does a prime minister keep his seat in parliament?

A prime minister is an elected member of a parliament, just like all the others. In each election the prime minister must stand for election in their constituency. If they lose, then they will no longer be a member of the parliament and cannot become a prime minister again.