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Q: What Spanish explorers traveled mainly by water?
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Which Spanish explorers traveled mainly by water?

Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who lived in the 16th century. He traveled mainly by water and discovered lands in South America.

Who were the participants of the Spanish explorations and what wee their motives?

They were Spanish explorers who were looking for a water route to Asia.

How were the goals of Spanish and Portuguese sailors the same in the 1400s?

All explorers were looking for a water route to Asia and gold.

Which three explores traveled mainly by water?

John Adams barak ombama Hilary Duff

How did the Iowa native American tribe travel?

they used snowshoes and sled in the winter and canoes in the summer.The Iroquois traveled but it depended what time of the year it was. If it was the Winter they would travel by snowshoes and sleds. If it was the summer time they would use Canoes on the water and by foot.

What did the Navajo Indians travel from place to place in?

The Navajo people HARDLY ever traveled by boats/water-ways. It was mostly from wailking and the horses that they raided from the spanish.

Which three explorers traveled most in water?

Ponce de Leon and herando de Soto finally cabrillo

How can explorers in deserts collect water?

They bring their own water

What did John Cabot see as he traveled?

Water. Lot's of water.

The first asian country european explorers reached by water?

The first Asian country that the European explorers reached by water was India. The explorers was commanded by Portuguese explorer Dom Vasco da Gama.

What did Vasco De Gama travel in?

Vasco de Gama traveled in a boat. He sailed on the water, and he traveled East. He traveled around Africa, Lisbon, Portugal, and other areas. He traveled around the year of 1497.

How did the Chinooks travel to get the food?

The Chinook Native Americans traveled through the water on canoes and traveled on ground by foot.