What did poor tudors drink?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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water would be infected, so mainly ale

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cheese and bread

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Q: What did poor tudors drink?
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Did the poor Tudors work for the rich Tudors?

yes they did

How are rich Tudors different to poor Tudors?

Rich Tudors have nicer food, clothing and lifestyle.

Did the rich Tudors dress the same as the poor?

Rich tudors had silk and cotton robes, and poor tudors had, well, rags.

What did poor Tudors work as?

There were no poor Tudors, the Tudors were the name of the Royal family of England at that time in history. The poor people were called the English.At at that time about 80% of the English people were farmers, or worked in Agriculture in some way.

What belongings did the poor tudors have?


What did the poor Tudors hunt for?

crows and rabbits

Where can you get Tudor recipes?

recipes for the poor tudors

What was the poor Tudors hygiene like?

Poor Tudor hygiene was very bad.

Where did the Tudors go on holiday?

Most tudors didn't go on holiday. Sometimes the rich did (not abroad), but not the poor.

What did Normans drink?

poor looking clothing like tudors

What was the Tudors food and drink?

Tudors drank wine and ate meat they thought veg tables were for peasants

What did poor tuders eat?

this website is rubbish for the tudors