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writing a constitution

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Q: What action could accomplish all of the goals of the French Revolution?
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10 songs that relate to the French Revolution?

There are many songs that related to the French Revolution, the most obvious being the national anthem of France. You could easily find 10 or more online.

How did the federalists view the french revolution?

They were horrified at how the French had mistreated their government and of all the bloodshed that had occured. They felt that they could no longer trust the French even though they had been allies during the American Revolution.

Should the US have officially supported the French revolutionaries against the British?

The French did support the Americans some what in the war, however, only on a colonial point of view, with 13,500 French colonists joining the American Ranks and vast numbers of weapons and supplies being given to the miltia. French and British colonies were at war but not France and Britain themselves as the British had all but destroyed the French Fleet in the Seven Year War, the only thing that could stop the British from invading France itself would be a fleet, and since there wasn't a fleet that could stand up to the British Navy anymore a European War would have been foolish.

What effect did the French Revolution have on France and the World?

The French Revolution gave the world a different model from the American Revolution. The American Revolution was a giving of rights taken away or an extension of rights. The Bill of Rights in the Constitution simply listed rights that various kings had previously affirmed belonged to all Englishmen. The American Revolution limited the tyranny government could do. The French Revolution on the other hand presented a violent overthrow of the old order. It was not an evolutionary change but a revolutionary change. Many revolutionary groups chose to follow the French style of Revolution. The main one was communism. The politburo was a thinly disguised committee on public safety. It served the same purpose. Stalin was Robespierre. They begin with high sounding rhetoric. It had a dream based on platitudes. It disintegrates into chaos. The dream that a people can live by platitudes keeps appearing and never works. A group takes over the government and becomes terrorist. The impact of the French Revolution has been to destroy the old order. Like the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution destroyed the old landowning nobility. All revolutions based on the French Revolution do that. Then internal corruption brings the collapse of the revolution. When no other way is seen to exist to get rid of a powerful entrenched nobility, a French revolution may occur. When the task is to prevent a return of tyranny as it was in Germany after World War 2, an American Revolution may occur.

What is the impact of French Revolution on France in everyday life of the people?

the revolution led to many changes in France. the revolution led to development of new political forces such as democracy and nationlism. The revolution also gave new meanings and ideas to the political ideas of the people . The reign of terror largely administered by Danton and Robespierre saw the behadine of many members of the royalty including Marie Antoniette and countless others who were members of the French court. As France struggled under ineffective leadership that changed very little . Napoleon was able to return from a campaign in Egypt and seize power with militry help. French culture was the emergence of middle class.

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Could woman vote in the french revolution?


How the drought could have contributed to the french revolution?

The drought could have contributed to the French Revolution. The crop failure coupled with the cold weather caused the peasants to uprise.

What do you call a series of actions to accomplish a goal?

You could call this a strategy, or an action plan.

What would you learn about the French Revolution that could help you write a research report?

that they had a revolution sometime in history

Did the Zouaves fight in the French Revolution?

No they did not. The French Zouaves were first created as a unit in Algeria in 1831. Since the French Revolution ended with Napoleon's coup in 1899 such an engagement could not have been fought.

What did the Republicans in the French Revolution believe?

That they could create a better French society and government than existed under the Monarchy.

What was happening in the the French Revolution?

The initial stirs of french revolution could not take off because the leaders had approval seeking tendecies, when they tried to appease all of them, they ended getting nothing.

What do the American revolution the french revolution what do the American revolution the french revolution and the glorious revolution different?

I'm assuming you mean how all three are different. The America revolution was to break away from the Mother Country. The French revolution was to force the monarchy out of power so they could have a democratic government. The Glorious Revolution was to keep Catholics off throne of Protestant England because a Catholic heading the Anglican church just wouldn't work.

What other revolutions did the American Revolution influence?

The American Revolution inspired many other revolutions such as the Haitian Revolution and the French Revolution. The American Revolution showed that Revolutions could be started and ended with a good outcome. So the Haitians, Latins, French, and a bunch of other countries revolted.

10 songs that relate to the French Revolution?

There are many songs that related to the French Revolution, the most obvious being the national anthem of France. You could easily find 10 or more online.

Unlike the french revolution what did the american revolution produce?

The American Revolution produced an entirely new country. The French Revolution only added new things to the way Parliament could interact with the people.

Why did some people outside France reacts negatively to the french revolution?

People outside of France feared that a revolution could happen to their monarchy.