What animal represents England?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The farmer, Pilkington, is said to represent Britain in the Russian Revolution. Which George Orwell set up a close parallel with Animal Farm. So it is not an animal that represents England, but one of the humans.

The above may be so in a particular context, but the original question seemed to be general, not related to a particular context, so I say again, the animal that represents England is a Lion.

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The Lion. (actually 3 of them).

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Q: What animal represents England?
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What type of animal represents the England?

The lion.

Who does Mr Pilkington represent in Animal Farm?

No one, but Foxwood represents England/ Great Britain and Pinchfield represents Germany.

Who does foxwood symbloize in Animal Farm?

foxwood farm represents England, so pilkington represents Winston Churchill. While, pinchfield represents Germany and Fredrick represents Adolf Hitler.

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ย ย Describe the meaning of beast of england from Animal Farm?

Beasts of England represents The Internationale, the anthem of the Soviet Union when it was first formed shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution.The Internationale was later replaced by Гимн Советского Союза as the National Anthem of the Soviet Union. This is represented by the phasing out of Beasts of England by Napoleon in favor of Animal Farm! as the farm's anthem. Animal Farm! was later replaced by Comrade Napoleon.

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Which is the England representative animal?

Foxwood from Animal Farm represented England from th Russian Revolution.