What is the main animal in china?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The dragon is the main animal.

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Q: What is the main animal in china?
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What is China's main animal?

Chinas main animal is the Drangon.

Is the dragon the main animal of china?

its either that or the crane.

What is ancient china's main herd animal?

im the one who asked the question

What was the animal in China in 1999?

the animal in china for 1999 is a rabbit

What is china's native animal?

A native animal of China is the panda bear.

China's national animal?

The giant panda is the national animal of China. The Dragon is also largely considered a national animal for China as well.

What is china national animal?

They don't have an official national animal, but the Panda is thought to be the unofficial animal of China.

What is china main sport?

The main sports of China are martial arts,bad mingtong,and football.Thoose are the main sports of China.

What is China's animal?


What is the biggest underground animal in China?

China's giant salamander

What are the three main regions in China?

The three main regions of China are Outer China, North China, and South China. Outer China is the mountain region, South China is the tropical region, and North china is the plain region.

Is rice one of china's main exports?

Yes, rice is one of China's main exports.