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The three major dialects spoken in China are Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien.

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There are four of them Mandarin, Min Nan, Hakka, and

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Q: What are the three main dialects in China?
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What is the main lanuage for china?

Chinese, which is split into many different dialects. The most common is Mandarin.

What are the three main regions in China?

The three main regions of China are Outer China, North China, and South China. Outer China is the mountain region, South China is the tropical region, and North china is the plain region.

What was the ancient Greece language?

Ancient Greek, which had three main dialects: Attic, Ionic and Doric

How many countries have Chinese as their official language?

Chinese is the official language in one country, which is China.

What are the example of china dialects?

Examples of Chinese dialects include Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Min, and Hakka. Each of these dialects is associated with a different region in China and can vary greatly in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

What are the eight groups of Chinese dialects?

The eight main groups of Chinese dialects are Mandarin, Wu, Yue (Cantonese), Min, Xiang, Hakka, Gan, and Jin. These dialects are spoken across various regions of China and have distinct phonetic and lexical characteristics. Mandarin is the most widely spoken group of Chinese dialects.

What are three other dialects of Chinese besides mandarin?

Cantonese, Hokkien, and Shanghainese are three other major dialects of Chinese. Each of these dialects is unique in terms of pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, and is spoken in different regions of China.

What lanugage is spoken in Beijing?

Mandarin Chinese is the primary language spoken in Beijing.

What are 3 dialects spoken in China?

* Cantonese * Mandarin

How many different dialects are there in English?

There are many English dialects, but they can generally be categorized into three main groups: British English, American English, and Commonwealth English. Within these groups, there are countless regional variations and accents that make up the diverse landscape of English dialects.

What are the three main invention in china?

The wheel,paper,and silk

What are the three main exports from China to Australia?

rice ,eletrical ,clothing