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geometry, enginearing, sound, motion, and architecture

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Q: What are 4 science or mathematics topics Leonardo explored in his notebook?
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What are four science or mathematics topics Leonardo DA Vinci explored in his notebook?

Geometry, engineering, sound, and motion

Was Leonardo De Vinci good at maths?

Yes. You have to be good at mathematics to be good in science and inventions.

Is mathematics the language of science?

Yes, Mathematics is the language of Science. Mathematics is referred to as the language of science because it summarizes science in numbers.

Is mathematics science?

Depending on what type of science, yes mathematics can be science. Like if you're doing physics that can be mathematics.

Did renaissance art reflect the values of the time?

Art during the renaissance (which means "rebirth") reflected the values of that time because it show cased high realism, ideal beauty, and harmony and balance. Body proportions were explored as people became more accepting to science. Leonardo da Vinci was 'the renaissance man' because he explored everything, from literature, to science, to the arts, to mathematics. During this time, people of the renaissance were looking at themselves as people and humanism became their focus. Their art glorified man, by showing ideal beauty.

What branch of science is mathematics?

Mathematics is a branch of science in its own right.

Was Leonardo da Vinci a science?

Yes, Leonardo da Vinci was into science if that answers your question.

Why mathematics is the most basic science?

The German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss described mathematics one correctly as the quenn of all sciences. The German philosopher Immanuel Kant once remarked that one can only call a discipline a science as long as there is mathematics in it. Mathematics is the most basic science, because every other science (physics, chemistry, biology, geology, computer science) uses mathematical theorems to answer questions in this science. Mathematics does not depend on any other science. Mathematicians do mathematics for the sake of mathematics. That is why mathematics is the most fundamental science.

What is the different between maths and science?

Answer: Mathematics are the tools of science Answer: Mathematics is ONE major branch of science; there are other branches of science. Mathematics is used in the other "exact sciences", for example in physics or chemistry.

What concern was incorporated into western art during the renaissance?

mathematics and science

Which is like a promise mathematics or science?


Is geometry is a social science or natural science?

It is not a science, it is a form of mathematics. The suffix "-metry" often refers to mathematics, "-ology" refers for a type of science.