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Q: What are facts about Henry Kelsey the explorer?
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Where did Henry kelsey live?

where did henry kelsey live

How did Henry Kelsey become a explorer?

Henry Kelsey became an explorer by joining the Hudson's Bay Company in 1684. He was tasked with exploring and expanding the fur trade in the Canadian wilderness, which led him on numerous expeditions into the interior of North America. Kelsey's explorations helped open up new territories and trading opportunities for the Hudson's Bay Company.

Did Henry Kelsey have kids?

Yes he did. He had a boy named John Kelsey.

What skills does Henry Kelsey have?

he was a fur trader, explorer, and sailor who played an important role in establishing the Hudson Bay company in Canada

How did Henry Kelsey Travel?

Henry Kelsey traveled by ship and canoe. When he was on land he walked

Why was Henry Kelsey important in the history of Canada or North America?

why is henry kelsey important

What has the author Henry Kelsey written?

Henry Kelsey has written: 'St. Aidan and St. Cuthbert'

Who sponsored henry kelsey?

Henry Kelsey was sponsored by the Hudson's Bay Company for his explorations and expeditions in North America during the late 17th century.

Who is Henry kelsey wife?

Henry Kelsey, a British explorer who played a key role in the fur trade in Canada, did not have a documented wife. It is believed that he never married and focused on his explorations and work in the fur trade industry.

Why did Henry kelsey come to Canada?

Henry Kelsey came to Canada to work for the HBC in fur trade.

Where did Henry Kelsey have his third voyage?

Henry Kelsey had his third voyage across England from 1690-1693.

What did Henry Kelsey discover?

Henry Kelsey, a British fur trader, is known for being the first European to explore the Canadian Prairies and the Canadian Rockies in the 17th century. He is credited with being the first European to see buffalo in the region and helped establish fur trading routes in the area.