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I found an article in wiki for it. The link is posted below.

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Q: What are members of l'academie Francaise called?
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What do you call one of the 40 Members of the academie francaise?

un academicien or un immortel

One of 40 members of academie francaise est 1635?

"The Immortals" is the collective term for all the members, past and present. They are known as "the Immortals"

La ligne nationale francaise s'appelle?

'The French line called?'

How much is a Republique Francaise coin from 1982 worth?

Polynesie francaise 50 f

What is a 1967 republique francaise 20 f worth?

i have a 1967 francaise 10f how much is it worth

What is the frence rugby team called?

Simply FranceThe boady governing isFederation Francaise De Rugby (FFR)They are nicknamed Les Bleus

What is the national name of France?

Republique Francaise.

What does 'Je suis francaise' mean?

I am French.

What does moi francaise mean in English?

My French

When was Congrès de la Culture Francaise en Floride created?

Congrès de la Culture Francaise en Floride was created in 1952.

Can you freeze Chicken Francaise?

You can freeze Chicken Francaise after you've made it so it will keep for longer. It will still turn out fine if you reheat it and serve it after storing it in the freezer.

What is the value of a 1951 francaise 20franc coin?