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Gothic art emerged in France about 1140, and then spread to the rest of Europe the following century. Some famous buildings inspired by Gothic architecture are the Cologne Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris and the Milan Cathedral.

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Q: What are other contributions of gothic art?
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What is gothic art?

Gothic art began in the Medieval period with architecture and sculptures. Gothic art today is very different from the art back then.

What has the author Vladimir Denkstein written?

Vladimir Denkstein has written: 'Gothic Art in South Bohemia' -- subject- s -: Art, Art, Gothic, Czechoslovak Republic, Gothic Art

How did the Gothic art period end?

The Renaissance effectively ended the period of Gothic art. Gothic art was totally religious in nature, while the Renaissance promoted the rise of secular art.

What did artists who painted the international gothic style do?

The main focus of Gothic artists was to communicate religious messages to the public. Most Gothic art was found in churches and other large buildings.

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What museum is American Gothic at?

"American Gothic" is owned by the Art Institute of Chicago.

Is Gothic architecture the same as Cassical Gothic architecture?

Yes, they are the same thing. Gothic revival is somewhat different but holds the same characteristics. Gothic revival began during the 18th century, an era also referred to as the Victorian Gothic era.This architectural movement sought to revive medieval art forms in architecture, design and in other various art mediums. England was the epicentre of this movement, as many of the Gothic revival ideologies stemmed from this country and its surrounding areas. Artists and architects that integrated Gothic revival into their art forms tried to create structures and art forms that differed from the neoclassical style that was predominant at the time.

What style did medieval art did they have?


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Where can someone find Gothic pictures?

The best places for one to find Gothic pictures would be on the website Gothic Pictures. Other places include the websites eBay, Etsy, Avelina Demoray, Fine Art America, and more.