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Sorry but I can't find anything either. I would like to know too. No sites talk about it or any recreation art and music once again sorry.

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They Believed in life after death.

They loved the colour red.

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Q: What are some celebrations that the Beothuk enroled?
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What did the beothuk eat?

the beothuk ate caribou salmon seals bird eggs and birds. they would even grind up caribou bones then boil them and them eat them.

What was the beothuk climate?

It would depend on the years being referred to but they would have experienced the medieval warming period but since they were extinct by 1820 they did not experience the little ice age. Either way they lived in todays Newfoundland, not the warmest part of the East coast.

Who were the Beothuks?

AnswerThe Beothuks were the native inhabitants of the island of Newfoundland at the time of European contact in the 15th and 16th centuries. They are now extinct as a separate ethnic group, but their descendants are found in communities across the island.2nd AnswerThe Beothuks were a clan which had a population of less than a thousand. However, the Fench and English settlers and explorers fought with them, and because the settlers had guns and more effective weapons than the Beothuk, they killed off much of the population of the Beothuk. It was indeed an unfortunate time for them because it didn't end there. Soon enough they began to suffer from several diseases brought to the New World by the Europeans. That left them to the last clan member who a few months later died from tuberculosis.

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