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Muslim scholars made cultural achievements during the golden age under the Abbasid Dynasty. These included calligraphy, architecture, literature, and philosophy.

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Q: What are some cultural achievements made by Muslim scholars?
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Which of the Muslim Empires do you think made the greatest achievements?

It may be debatable, however, considering the spiritual and worldly achievements together, we can safely say that the Muslim Empire under the rule of second righteous Caliph Hazrat Umar Farooq (RAU) made the greatest achievements.

What were two cultural achievements made in early china?

the great wall of china

What were early cultural achievements made in early china?

the great wall of china

What group made significant advancements during the golden age of Islam?

Muslim scholars.

What do you think was the most important advance that Muslim scholars made in math or science?


What were the roles of the mandate of heaven and dynastic cycle?

two cultural achievements made in early china

Did Islamic scholars not study mathematics?

Muslim scholars not only studied and made advances in the field of Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, rather they did lot of research in the field of medicine and all branches of science.

Why are some scholars of the Renaissance called humanists?

Scholars of the Renaissance are called humanists because they focused on human potential, achievements, and values. They emphasized the study of classical texts, languages, and philosophy, seeking to revive the intellectual and cultural heritage of classical antiquity. Humanists believed in the importance of education, critical thinking, and the development of individual talents.

What are some Muslim intellectual achievements and contributions?

There are remarkable achievements and contributions from Muslim intellects from golden age till now. The known Muslim intellectual contributions are, algebra by Islamic mathematician al-Khwarizmi, "Canon on Medicine" book written by Islamic physician Ibn Sina, Their achievements are also evident in arts and literature, science and technology , astronomy etc.

Did trade and tolerance affect the Muslim world?

Trade affected the Muslim world as it made some Muslims borrow certain cultural practices from other people. Tolerance also made it possible for Muslims to intermarry with others.

How did cultural diffusion occur in Mali?

Cultural diffusion occurred in Mali when its king Mansa Musa returned home to Mali, bringing back many Arab scholars with him. The scholars taught the people of Mali about the Islamic religion and soon enough, Mansa Musa made Islam the national religion.

What was the Islamic golden age?

During the golden age of Islam the trade flourished. Education also spread. New experiments were made by Muslim scientists and scholars.