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Some examples of history are:

Discovery of America

Bastille's take over

Construction of the Pyramids

World War I AND II

See the related link below to get an insight of History as a whole.

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Q: What are some examples of history?
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this is not a question partaining to the WHAT aspect however it is a question asking exactly what are some examples of unexpected events that have occured in our history.

What are some examples of honorable people in American history?

Martin Luther King Jr is

What is periodisation in History?

Periodization refers to categorizing periods of history by name. Some examples of named periods of history include the Middle Ages, Gothic, and Baroque.

Where can a person purchase history DVD's?

One can purchase History DVD's from Wallmart, Amazon and Best Buy. Some examples are a box set of History's Mysteries, Andrew Marr's History of the World and Ancient History Discovered.

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Some examples of slavery are a form of racism. Some examples of slavery are a form of sexism. Some examples of slavery are a means of exerting power. Slavery has a very long history dating back as far as human societies. Slavery has historically taken many forms.

Is Mythic history the same as ancient history?

No. Ancient History, like all history, describes events which actually happened or at least for which there is some evidence that they happened. Examples would include the Roman Empire or the Ancient Greek civilizations. Mythic History describes things which did not actually happen but stories of which have existed for a long time. Examples would include the gods of Greek and Roman mythologies.

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Examples non artifact

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some examples of important people are the president or the judge of the supreme court

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hi the anser to this quest is hi histery all was the t5rend people wetre in to history