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define culture and intellectual life?

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Q: Examples of culture and intellectual life in history?
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What has the author Alessandro Arcangeli written?

Alessandro Arcangeli has written: 'Cultural history' -- subject(s): Culture, History, Civilization, Intellectual life, Social history

What has the author Doreen M Rosman written?

Doreen M. Rosman has written: 'Evangelicals and culture' -- subject- s -: Intellectual life, Evangelicalism, History, Christianity and culture

What has the author Dirk Hempel written?

Dirk Hempel has written: '\\' -- subject(s): Politics and culture, German Art, Artists, Intellectual life, Avant-garde (Aesthetics), History 'Literarische Vereine in Dresden' -- subject(s): Books and reading, Literature, Intellectual life, History, Germans, Societies

What has the author Lionel Gossman written?

Lionel Gossman has written: 'French society and culture' -- subject(s): Enlightenment, Intellectual life, Social conditions 'Between History and Literature' -- subject(s): Historiography, History in literature, Literature and history 'Basel in the Age of Burckhardt' -- subject(s): Biography, Culture, Historians, History, Intellectual life, Intellectuals, Philosophy 'Towards a rational historiography' -- subject(s): Historiography 'Brownshirt Princess' 'Augustin Thierry and liberal historiography'

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Anna Shternshis has written: 'Soviet and kosher' -- subject(s): History, History and criticism, Identity, Intellectual life, Jaws in popular culture, Jewish communists, Jews, Popular culture, Social conditions, Yiddish literature

What has the author Nadine Rossol written?

Nadine Rossol has written: 'Performing the nation in interwar Germany' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Political culture, German Aesthetics, Intellectual life, Popular culture, History

What has the author Caroline Winterer written?

Caroline Winterer has written: 'The culture of classicism' -- subject(s): Intellectual life, History, Universities and colleges, Classical education, Classicism

What has the author Erica Joy Mannucci written?

Erica Joy Mannucci has written: 'Gli altri lumi' -- subject(s): Politics and culture, Intellectual life, History

What has the author B N Naidu written?

B. N. Naidu has written: 'Intellectual history of colonial India' -- subject(s): Intellectual life, Education, History

What has the author William John Gruffydd written?

William John Gruffydd has written: 'Nodiadau'r golygydd' -- subject(s): Civilization, Celtic, in literature, History, History and criticism, Intellectual life, Language and culture, Llenor, Welsh literature 'Folklore and myth in the Mabinogion' -- subject(s): Celtic Mythology, Fairies, Folklore, History and criticism, Intellectual life, Legends, Mabinogion, Medieval Tales, Mythology, Celtic, in literature, Tales

What has the author David Wachtel written?

David Wachtel has written: 'Cultural policy and socialist France' -- subject(s): Cultural policy, History, Intellectual life, Politics and culture, Politics and government, Socialism

What has the author David Gelernter written?

David Gelernter has written: 'America-lite' -- subject(s): Political culture, Higher Education, Social conditions, Intellectual life, Social change, History '1939'