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Her parents and her younger brother had smallpox and they all died leaving Kateri all alone. She was blinded by the light of the sun and was named Tekakwitha because she she would grope around to seek her way and Tekakwitha means "The One who Walks Groping For Her Way." Her 2 aunts and uncles adopted her and they started a settlement called Caughnawaga. Her mother was a catholic algonquin and her father was a mohawk chief. When she was 18, Father De Lamberville, a Jesuit Missonary, built a chapel in Caughnawaga. This is when Kateri realized how much we wanted to take after her mother and be baptised. But her uncle didnt like the Black robes so it took a while for him to allow her to get baptised. When she did, she became the village outcast because none liked her choice of becoming Catholic so she fled 200 miles for 2 months. On Christmas day 1679 she was allowed to receive her first Holy Comunion at the age of 20. On March 25 1679 she made a vow to perpetual virginaty so she could devote her life to Christ. She died of being sick in 1680 and her last words were "Jesus, I love You!" Moments after she died the scars that the smallpox left on her face disapeared. It was a miracle. People thought she had saintly powers.

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Q: What are some important things to know about kateri tekakwitha im doing a biography?
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