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The Glorious Revolution changed both who the monarch was, William and Mary ruled together, and the the religion of the monarch went from Catholic to Protestant. It also inspired an attempt at revolution in Massachusetts against the much-hated governor.

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There were many political reasons to the war: Parliament tried to cut Charles' power from the first 3 years of his rule. They also cut his power when he was about to lead an army against some Irish rebels, preventing him from doing so. Charles elected William Laud as Archbishop of Canterbury; William was very unpopular with the MPs and everyone else. Eventually he was executed by Parliament.

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Q: What are some of the most important political changes that resulted from the Glorious Revolution?
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The English Bill of Rights resulted from a revolution usually described by this word the glorious.

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The English Bill of Rights

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Revolt in England that resulted in William and Mary becoming the king and queen of England?

In 1689 the 'Glorious Revolution' saw William and Mary rule jointly, but the price for their crown was that the power of the monarch be curtailed.

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