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media and African culture

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Q: What are the bad effects of media on African culture?
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What are the Bad effects of Indian culture moving towards western culture?

WE all come from different culture. There are no bad effects.

What are bad effects of western culture on India?

Some of the bad effects of western culture are:- 1. Effect on Indian songs and music. 2. LOSS of Indian culture. 3. Influence on dressing style of Indian Youth

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The media effects everyone, depends what type the youth look at. A few teens focus on the bad sections of the media and soon strive to be a part of it. However, many are not succumbed to a life of crime

Is the social media technology good for humanity?

Good: 80% Bad: 20% (Side effects)

What are the bad effects of western culture?

Too much individualism and selfishness. On the other hand, eastern culture makes individuals too shy and submissive.

What are the effects of media in your lives in hindi language?

The effects of media in your lives in Hindi language are quite diverse. Besides understanding part of the Hindu language, people are able to learn about different cultures are relate in a better way. Media has brought both good and bad exposure.

What are the bad effects of western culture on Indian culture?

because of western culture people are forgetting their own culture, people have forgot worshiping their God, hve become cruel and lazy,for example,early rising to late rising

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bad media is motivated by profit

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Bad Pony Media was created in 2009.

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