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the causes were the crusades. after them people came back to europe with new ideas. europe "woke up" and was open to new routes of trading and commerce. also the need for manpower was ending. instead of wood plows, there were iron plows drawn by horses....stuff like that.

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The cause of the commercial revolution was exploration.

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Q: What are the causes of commercial revolution in Europe?
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Where did the commercial revolution occur?

In Europe

How did commercial revolution change Europe?

The commercial revolution led to an expansion of What_were_the_effects_of_the_commercial_revolution_on_Europethrough much of the world.

Which revolution led to the concept of banking the creation of guilds and the development of capitalism in Europe?

It was NOT the Industrial Revolution, it was the Commercial Revolution.

What was one major difference between the Commercial Revolution and the Industrial Revolution?

The Commercial Revolution led to the adoption of mercantilism in Europe, while the Industrial Revolution contributed to the end of mercantilism.

Was market economy a result of the commercial revolution in Europe?


Which system developed as a result of commercial revolution in Europe?

Market economy

Which system developed as a result of the commercial revolution in europe?

Market economy

What did the the Commercial Revolution in western Europe lead to?

economic fervor

Causes of the Industrial Revolution in Europe?

They were poor and needed to boost their economy

How were the commercial revolution and the undustrial revolution similar?

Both contain the word revolution. I am assuming that undustrial is misspelled. The commercial revolution began the process of transformation in trade and commerce in medieval Europe and is understood to have led to the industrial revolution beginning in the eighteenth century.

How did the Columbian exchange promote the commercial revolution in Europe?

Increasing demand for skilled labor.

Why does the development of banking during the Commercial revolution in western Europe significant?

i dont know