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Some accomplishments were:

Alexander became a partner in a large firm. In 1788, he was put in

charge of the Athabasca region.

On July 13, 1789, Mackenzie and his team reached the Arctic Ocean and he had

discovered a river which he called "Disappointment River" which was later called the "Mackenzie


On June 12, 1792, Mackenzie and his team were the first to cross the Continental Divide.

On July 22, 1793, he reached the Pacific Ocean.

Alexander was the first person to cross the North American Continent and he found a pass

through the Rocky Mountains.

Alexander was knighted by King George the third in 1802. He became a member of the

Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada in 1804 to 1808.

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Q: What are the challenges Alexander Mackenzie faced?
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