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From highest to lowest they are: * Royal dukes * Dukes * Marquesses * Earls * Viscounts * Barons

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Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron.

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Q: What are the hierarchy of titles that make up British nobility?
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How did having a weak monarch lead to the French Revolution?

When you're a King of a country that has an enormous state debt (>400 million Francs), when your people live in poverty and the nobility in luxury, you need to be able to make bigdecisions to try to make things better. This is something Louis XVI couldn't do: make decisions. Something had to be done fast to make sure that money came in to lower the state debt (France was as good as bankrupt, and was later also declared as such) and to make sure the poor people got a better way of living. Louis got a lot of different advice from a lot of different political and social figures, but he never had an opinion of his own and couldn't make up his mind to do what he thought was right. One day he decided to take the advice of one of his finance ministers and proposed to lower the taxes for the poor and to make to nobility and the members of the church pay taxes (they never had to pay taxes in their lives before). He changed his mind very fast when the nobility strongly objected against this proposal. He did not have the guts to push through and be a strong and firm king. By this way of "reigning" he not only made enemies among the poor people (the lower class) who thought the King just didn't care about them at all because he didn't do anything to help them out, but also among the nobility and members of the church who were angry that the King had dared to propose that they would pay taxes (eventhough they were the richest!).

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What does it make you if your great aunt married a count - English hierarchy?

The fact that your great aunt married a Count has no impact on your status in the nobility hierarchy

Why are titles of nobility prohibited?

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What is the hierarchy of titles from lowest to highest that make up the British nobility?

In England, the order, in decreasing rank, is: The Monarch, followed by other members of the Royal Family The Archbishop of Canterbury The Lord Chancellor The Archbishop of York The Prime Minister The Lord President of the Privy Council The Speaker of the House of Commons The Lord Speaker of the House of Lords The Lord Privy Seal The Nobility in the following order: Dukes Marquesses Earls Viscounts Bishops of the Church of England Barons Knights of the Order of the Garter Knight (or Dame) Grand Cross Knight (or Dame) Commander of the British Empire

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States are denied certain powers under the Articles of Confederation. States may not send ambassadors to foreign countries, receive foreign ambassadors, or make any kind of arrangement, meeting or treaty with any king, prince or state. No person or state may accept any gift, including titles of nobility, from a foreign state. Neither Congress nor any state can give people noble titles.

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