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they are called matadors

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Q: What are the names of bullfighters in Spain?
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What changes have started to occur in the recent years of bullfighting?

Female bullfighters are now common, even in Spain.

What is the legend about Spain's flag?

Legend is the red symbolizes for bullfighting. Since Spain is popular for bullfighting it was a large part in Spains life. The red is the bullfighters blood.

What type of pants do people in Spain wear?

Spanish clothing is not particularly different from that of other Western countries. The only Spanish people who wear unusual pants are the bullfighters, who wear elaborately embroidered pants during bullfights. But there are not that many bullfighters.

What is the duration of The Bullfighters?

The duration of The Bullfighters is 1.02 hours.

When was The Bullfighters created?

The Bullfighters was created on 1945-05-19.

Do bullfighters poison the spear?


What are the names of the colonies in Spain?

There are no colonies in Spain.

Do bullfighters say Toro?


Spanish - born people who governed new Spain were called?

what were the names of the people born in Spain what were the names of the people born in Spain

Why do many places in Spain have Arabic names?

There are many Moorish place names is Spain because the Moors occupied parts of Spain for 781 years.

What is said in bullfights to encourage or congratulate bullfighters?


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