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Q: What explore explored the southwest US?
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What areas in America were explored by Germany England and Spain?

Germany didn't explore anything. Spain explored the American Southeast and Southwest. England the east coast.

What spanish explorer explored the southwest part of the US?

Coronado, a Spanish explorer, explored it in 1540.

what countries did Francisco Vasquez De Coronado explore for?

Francisco Vasquez de Coranado explored North America's southwest.

Why did Zebulon Pike explored southeast?

Because Thomas Jefferson Ordered him to explore the southwest because Lewis and Clark did not, they just explored the north. NOT because he wanted to find his mommy -_-

What year did De Soto explore southern US?

he explored it in 1655

Did Francis Drake explore Mexico?

No he did not, I studied him and their is no official report that he explored Mexico, he explored the border of Canada and the US

Who is pike?

explored the southwest US. he needed money to finance his war in Europe

Who explored the southwest US looking for the seven cities of gold?

Francisco Coranado

What parts of the US did Francisco Vazquez de Coronado explore?

He explored Texas

What was the goal of Zebulon Pikes expedition?

To explore the geography of the Southwest

What parts of the southwest did coronado soldiers explore?

Coronado's soliders explored west they were the first Europeans to see the Grand Canyon

Who were the first europeans to explore the southwestern part of US?

Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to explore the Southwest.