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i really don't know

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Q: What are the rules governing les soldes in Fance?
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What is French for clearance?

clearance: les soldes, en solde

How do you say March Spring Sale in French?

les soldes de mars

When was Les Boyd - Australian rules footballer - born?

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The french for school rules?

les règlements scolaires

What is the Fr translation of By the rules?

"en suivant les règles / d'après les règles / par les règles"that is all set by the rules = tout est indiqué par les règlesselon les régles du jeu/le réglement en vigueur(NB 'les régles' if taken out of context can mean a woman's menstrual periods)

How do you say following the rules in French?

This is how you say following the rules in French: suivant les règles

How do you say change the rules in french?

changer les règles

Did Picasso violate the rules painting les Demoiselles?

Yes, he did. And he kept breaking rules all through his career.

How do you say soccer rules in French?

'les règles du football'

What is the frence rugby team called?

Simply FranceThe boady governing isFederation Francaise De Rugby (FFR)They are nicknamed Les Bleus

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les fish, les camels,les penguins, les dodo birds,les dolphins,